Various ListenBrainz API endpoints that are not documented elsewhere.

Color API

These API endpoints allow fetching releases with recordings and cover art details for a given color.

GET /1/color/(color)

Fetch a list of releases that have cover art that has a predominant color that is close to the given color.

    "payload": {
        "releases" : [
              "artist_name": "Letherette",
              "color": [ 250, 90, 192 ],
              "dist": 109.973,
              "release_mbid": "00a109da-400c-4350-9751-6e6f25e89073",
              "caa_id": 34897349734,
              "release_name": "EP5",
              "recordings": "< array of listen formatted metadata >",
            ". . ."
Status Codes:
Response Headers:

Status API

GET /1/status/get-dump-info

Get information about ListenBrainz data dumps. You need to pass the id parameter in a GET request to get data about that particular dump.

Example response:

    "id": 1,
    "timestamp": "20190625-165900"
Query Parameters:
  • id – Integer specifying the ID of the dump, if not provided, the endpoint returns information about the latest data dump.
Status Codes:
Response Headers: