Using develop.shΒΆ

We provide a utility to wrap docker-compose and some common development processes.

To open a psql session to the listenbrainz database, run:

./ psql

To open a psql session to the timescale database containing user listens, run:

./ timescale

To open a bash shell in the webserver container, run:

./ bash

To open flask shell in the webserver container using ipython with the listenbrainz app loaded, run:

./ shell

To open a redis shell:

./ redis provides a direct interface to invoke inside a docker container. is a click script containing a number of listenbrainz management commands. To invoke, run:

./ manage <command>

To get a list of commands, run:

./ manage --help

To pass any other command to docker-compose, run:

./ <command>

To get a list of valid docker-compose commands, see the output of docker-compose help:

./ help